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Extreme 12 volt AGM batteries for extreme installations

Odyssey Batteries have become known for performing and doing an amazing job of providing power where other brands can't. This is why we at Element 82 started distributing this brand from EnerSys back in 2002 which is 10 years before others saw the advantages of Pure Lead AGM. Sure it costs more but it outperforms almost all other lead acid batteries. With the highest power density AGM or the market you'd expect nothing short of electrifying and Odyssey helps deliver.

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Our Odyssey Range now includes 24 stocked models. We ship these throughout New Zealand as well as being available through your installer of choice. We believe sometimes the best service is local to you, where installation, testing a sighting your needs is best done by somebody you can talk with face to face. We supply all types of accessories for the batteries and are known for our technical knowledge and experience. Also, we have plenty of free advice that can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Contact us for availability and shipping options. 09 476 4171

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