Battery Chargers


We are often asked if you need a special charger to charge an Odyssey battery. The answer is no*. Yep you saw it the asterisk "*" They are normal MODERN DAY chargers with switch modes that best meet the needs of charging a lead-acid battery. They use preset voltage and current limit factors along with time sensitive modes to ensure they aren't over charging or harming the battery. And more importantly we size a charger so you know it will be able to recharge the battery if it goes flat overnight. If your battery goes flat over weeks or months, you need a maintenance charger once you have recharged the flat battery. So to cover both situations our range of chargers can do both "recharge" & "maintain".

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Our Odyssey Range now includes 24 stocked models. We ship these throughout New Zealand as well as being available through your installer of choice. We believe sometimes the best service is local to you, where installation, testing a sighting your needs is best done by somebody you can talk with face to face. We supply all types of accessories for the batteries and are known for our technical knowledge and experience. Also, we have plenty of free advice that can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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