NZD149,00 each Weight: 0.6 kg
Width: 168 mm
Length: 65 mm
Height: 38 mm

Popularity, looks, performance and functionality

When one charger has it all what more can be said?

The MXS 5.0 is the most common battery charger within the CTEK range. It covers all batteries under 100Ah which is most of what the average user will need to charge. The charger has a 0.8A motorcycle mode for small batteries up to 32Ah, a normal charging voltage mode of 14.4V, an AGM mode at 14.7V and a Recond mode at 15.8V. Any two or more combinations can be selected by pressing the MODE button. You can use 0.8A at 14.7V with a Recond (stage 6) or 5A charging at 14.4V by selecting the Car mode only.

So with all the endless options for maintenance charging, fast charging of small batteries and storage charging of larger batteries, desulphation and equalisation this truely is a one stop charging 12V power house that punches well above it's weight.

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