Why Extreme Series?

Everything started with the Extreme Series - most people wouldn't know there are two ranges within the Odyssey brand. That's because it's not really a difference but more of a targeted market. The majority of the Performance Series batteries are part of the BCI sizing dimension which means they are commonly used sized globally. The Extreme series, however, is where batteries and the brand were born. Batteries can be used for a variety of applications and a high-performance UPS battery was where it all started some 25 years ago.

A battery that once started life as a stationary battery for high power discharge with a few tweaks became the PC680, the PC925 & the PC1200. That's where it all began more cranking power than anything else on the market, metal jackets for impact and additional heat dispersion or cold weather protection. These common sizes in UPS where new to Automotive and hence the fascination with small lightweight but powerful batteries for race car or aftermarket upgrade were born. The range has since grown to over 23 models most of which we keep in stock.

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