ODYSSEY BATTERIES - 12 Volt Dry Cell AGM Battery Sold by Element 82

Odyssey PC680MJT
170 CCA - 520 Pulse Amps
18AH @ 20hr rate
7Kg,  comes with Automotive Terminals

RRP $365 inc GST
But excludes freight

That's $317.80 plus GST for the Metal Jacket and Automotive Terminals included. This battery has a higher temp. rating than without the jacket and is suitable for use in an engine bay.
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Odyssey PC925MJT
<b>380 CCA<br>925 Pulse Amps</b><br>28AH @ 20hr Rate
330 CCA - 900 Pulse Amps
28AH @ 20hr Rate

RRP $535 inc GST excludes Freight

Includes Metal Jacket for heat buildup and Automotive terminals.

We also have hold down brackets available.
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Odyssey Batteries are the highest quality AGM batteries on the market today. Imported directly from the U.S. where they are manufactured and sold directly to you without the middle men (that means no regional office or their slice of the cake hiking up the price). We have a network of trusted installers countrywide that we can ship to overnight if you need a little technical can-do installing or wiring up.

The batteries themselves use pure virgin lead not a recycled so there are no contaminents inside the plates that will breakdown over time and short the battery out. Nor with they short out if placed on their side. They are sealed dry cell batteries so they won't leak acid but we do recommend you don't install them upside down.

Odyssey Batteries offer superior cranking capacity this is because of the plates are so thin there is an increased surface area available to discharge from. Being a pure lead battery they can also deeply discharge up to 400 times. Their power to weight ratio is fantastic and above almost all other brands on the market today and their flexible mounting options increase the effectiveness in tight spaces.

The world's military use Odyssey because of there rigorous vibration testing and pulse cranking capacities. AGM batteries like Odyssey also offer outstanding storage life for seasonal use and can sit for up to 2 years without needing a recharge when isolated. The Odyssey Battery range many models to cater for a large range of applications including left (L) terminal, Marine stud, side terminals and removable terminals across the range and are now available without metal jackets for marine use. Offered with a 2 year unlimited Km's manufacturers warranty and 3 years on the PC2150.

Element 82 Limited are proudly a New Zealand owned and operated business. We are unlike the majority of other battery distributors in New Zealand with international ownership and Australian Head offices. Support Element 82 so we can better support you, because when the product is made overseas the difference is the commitment to our customers and not the commitment to shareholders profits that we need to please.

Like many popular spiral-wound batteries, ODYSSEY batteries employ dry cell AGM technology to contain acid, allowing the battery to be installed even on its side. But the densely packed flat plates in an ODYSSEY battery avoid the “dead space” between cylinders in a “six-pack” design. The result is 15% more plate surface area — and that translates to more power!


We introduced the Odyssey batteries product from EnerSys to New Zealand in 2002 after a 14 month insistence from the Australasian distributor that is wasn't worth their time and effort because the New Zealand market was too small. We proved them very wrong over the years that followed and now Element 82 have grown the stocked range from 5 models to over 20 including options for marine, commercial, heavy duty, power sports and automotive.

After great success through the years and loyal customers the time we spend educating our customers to suit their needs, answering their questions, ensuring they are correctly informed and clearly understand how the battery works in their application. We have been able to enjoy long standing relationships with our customer base and in return we've been able to thank them by lowering the prices and growing quantities stocked, range selection and additional accessories like terminals, hold down, test equipment, battery chargers and more.

With Lithium batteries now entering the market for cranking applications maybe we should mention we are also the distributor for Full Spectrum Power models which again using our same mantra offer the very best in performance, weight savings, performance and longevity so we can transition from AGM to Lithium one customer at a time. While it doesn't suit many instances if you need to know just give us a call.

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